The successful running of a casino club has distinct management and marketing requirements and may be subject to strict operating regulations. Punta Hunta is a packaged but flexible computer solution which enables you to manage and target your club effectively and profitably

From the very first customer visit, either as a member or a guest, Punta Hunta observes and validates entry to the club using

  • photographs
  • signature displays and
  • magnetically encoded membership cards 

This allows the production of statistical data for marketing and analysis purposes and monitoring of undesirables. When a guest subsequently becomes a member, all previously stored data is retained. Identification on the casino floor, in the bar and in the restaurant is useful in assisting gaming analysis and complimentaries. A continuous display of photographs and names of all visitors is available, with the last 64 available on a single screen. Additional visitor photographs and details can be paged into view.

Punta Hunta will record and analyse all cash desk transactions and monitor debt. Punta Hunta allows the recording of 'true drop', either in total or by table. Consequently it is possible to analyse the true gaming activity of a customer.

Punta Hunta is the ultimate marketing tool. For example, it allows identification and analysis of 'high rollers', winners, losers, average drop versus complimentaries, 'cash desk buy in' versus 'true drop', gaming activity and trends by age, nationality or period.

Punta Hunta allows you to analyse table activity enabling effective game, table/staff rotas and to eliminate, or at least reduce instances of collusion and 'cheating'.

Punta Hunta enables the production of user definable screen enquiries and hard copy reports, to any level of detail, over any historical period. This allows you to manage your business simply and efficiently without having to wade through pages of unrelated figures.

Punta Hunta operates in conjunction with the highly functional and accredited Global 3000 accounting modules from Global Business Systems offering everything from payroll, through to fixed asset management and full financial management reporting

Punta Hunta is truly

  • multi-user
  • multi-club and
  • multi-lingual

It operates in an open systems environment and, with over 20 years use in the management of both individual and groups of casino clubs, Punta Hunta offers a cost-effective, tried and tested solution.

Written specifically for casino clubs, the functional sophistication, reliability and flexibility of Punta Hunta will give you the ideal business management tool to run your casino club or group efficiently and profitably.

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  • Security
  • Marketing
  • Data Analysis